Engineering and Services

  • Development of Electrical Engineering Projects (partner)
  • Development of Radiocommunication Engineering Projects
  • Development of automation projects (partner)
  • Development of Innovative Technology Solutions R & D (partner)
  • Technical Service Equipment Repair
  • Instrument Certification Services
  • Rental Service of Test and Measurement Instruments
  • Ground Testing and Commissioning Services in Substations

Our teams are prepared to support you in the search and solution of situations that require improvement in your organization.

For example, new monitoring, equipment management, online monitoring, solutions to check from your mobile device so you are up to date every second of the state of the operations and operations.

List of projects already carried out as an example:

  • Project 1, its description
  • Project 2, its description.
  • Project 3, its description.

We have a wide range of products to implement in the solutions, added to our experts to put into action, develop integrated systems that allow you to join the products to your operations … generating turnkey projects.